See you Monday.

Following the SCOTUS rulings on abortion and gun violence, you will see all types of viewpoints from individuals and businesses alike in your social media feeds.

You may wonder why a business would take sides in “political” issues with so much at stake. Alternately, you may be wondering why they wouldn’t, with so much at stake. And why would an individual, a consumer, or a client care what an agency thinks?

I can tell you why WE care and why we speak out. As a Black- and woman-owned business that hires and supports members of underrepresented groups, these Supreme Court rulings hit hard. They put the very lives of the people we employ and care about at risk. That includes, in particular, our Black, Brown and LGBTQ+ team members. And this isn’t just a political issue. It’s an issue of humanity.

Like almost every other ill in this country, gun violence and the removal of the right to have a safe abortion disproportionately plague Black and Brown communities. This is a fact. This is not a debate.

We believe the answer to inequity is in the economic empowerment of groups that have been intentionally left out of the mainstream economy. At we work to resolve and rectify the imbalances and injustices inherent in our society and against People of Color and women through economic empowerment — that’s why we started our own business, that’s why we teach our employees about LLCs and entrepreneurship.

We do a lot of DEI content for our clients and have had some difficult conversations with them. We admire our clients and future clients for their bold commitments to supporting women’s health and economic empowerment for POC.