Parkdale is a North Carolina-based yarn manufacturer. In fact, it is the largest buyer of U.S. cotton in the world, and makes more yarn than any other manufacturer, globally. With twenty-seven plants and distribution facilities in North and Central America, Parkdale has been a critical part of the American apparel supply chain for over 100 years. In recent years, the company has doubled down on research and development through their Advanced Materials division. Wright Creative led the redesign and relaunch of the Parkdale corporate site, establishing brand visual standards and building a brand asset library, inclusive of new logos, video and imagery. 

A focus on the future means a focus on emerging leaders at Parkdale. Wright Creative is helping Parkdale with it’s internal content market, as well as its external, B2B efforts.

Redemption Song is the inspiring tale of Howard University’s soccer dominance from the early ’70s, a story that had never been fully told. Brought to ESPN Films by Mark W. Wright, a Howard alum, the film —  which was directed by Kenan Holley and executive produced by Spike Lee  — took players back to their heyday, when they fought tooth and nail against the NCAA’s racist attempts to discredit them. In the end, according to Lincoln Phillips, Howard’s soccer coach at the time, “it was redemption”.

Ian Bain
We had to include this picture of Trinidadian Eddie Holder with the NCAA championship trophy from 1971.

The Making of Redemption Song

When we sat Mario “Zero” McLennan down, the former Jamaican National Team star had no idea he’d be going back in time — to 1974, when he was a crowd-pleasing dribbler with the invincible 1974 Howard University soccer team that recorded a perfect season (19-0-0). During the making of Redemption Song — which tells the story of the inspiring tale of Howard’s soccer dominance from the ’70s — we managed to find never-before-seen footage of McLennan and his former teammates accomplishing a feat that, to date, has yet to be equaled or surpassed.

Behind the scenes with Howard’s legendary coach Lincoln T. Phillips.
ESPN personality Maria Taylor shared the stage (and the mic) with “Redemption Song” producer Mark W. Wright at the premier.
When “Redemption Song” premiered at Howard, it was a reunion for many of the players from those great Bison teams.
It was important to director Kenan K. Holley that Rick Yallery-Arthur (left), Ian Bain, Lincoln Phillips and Mario McLennan were involved in shooting.

Hurricanes are among the most dangerous and destructive storm systems in the world. Each year, the heavy rain, strong winds, floods, and coastal storm surges pose a significant threat to lives and properties. Each year, Sunbelt Rentals, the premier rental equipment company in North America, is there when the inevitability of this time comes. “We’re not just machines,” a Sunbelt Rentals employee said in a video produced by Wright Creative Productions that documented the company’s efforts in 2017. Whether it was the removal of thick sheets of drywall, white popcorn ceiling remnants, jagged wood two-by-fours, and scattered pieces of broken tree limbs, this video showed Sunbelt’s employees how their work affects the people they help.

Director of photography Tyler Adams and Mark Wright commiserate on set.

Trevon Bradley (left), a Sunbelt service manager, gave us a lesson in big equipment (while Tyler Adams paid attention to every detail). 

We wanted to replicate a storm; Sunbelt provided everything — the truck, the lights, even the water (for rain).